Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MAC face makeup review

This is a review of the MAC face products that I have tried.

First is MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50. This primer is AMAZING and an absolute godsend in the summer. Summer always aggravates oily skin, which is really annoying in light of the fact that summer is also the time when you need to be extra careful about your sun protection: you end up looking like a shiny greaseball but still need to make sure that you have your sun protection. This product is the answer. It's the best mattifying primer that I've ever tried. When I use this with my EL DW foundation, I have to blot maybe once all day. It's really amazing.

My only complaint with this product is that, for $30, the product is quite small - only 1 oz., which is why I normally just reserve it for the summertime (also bc it's sooo mattifying that I don't need it in most of the other seasons). I would highly recommend this product if you are an oily skinned girl who wants a good primer with SPF.

Next is MAC Studio Fix Fluid, which retails for $26. It has SPF 15 and is a medium thickness liquid foundation that comes in a wide range of colors and provides medium-full coverage. This foundation did not break me out but also did not wow me.

I found it extremely comparable to Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for normal/oily skin but not as good for twice the price. The Revlon provides fuller coverage and wears off more evenly throughout the day. I felt that the Studio Fix Fluid provided just medium coverage and wore off rather unevenly throughout the day and had a tendency to settle into my pores.

Overall, I wouldn't repurchase this and would recommend Revlon colorstay over this foundation. If you do choose to buy this foundation, though, keep in mind that the colors run dark. I am a C3 in their powder foundation and had to get a NC20 in the SFF.
The next product is their Studio Fix Powder foundation. This foundation did not work for me at ALL, which was extremely disappointing since I have a couple friends who swear by it. It makes their skin look FLAWLESS. On me, however, it oxidized really quickly and left me looking orangey, and clumped terribly when I tried to reapply. I returned this product quickly and would not repurchase. However, since I do know some women on whom it works so well, I would say that this foundation is just one of those you have to try for yourself before you decide.

The next product I've tried is their Hyper Real foundation. It's a pro item but it may have been discontinued - it was really hard for me to find even in pro stores. The MAC MAs explained to me that it was because it was being reformulated but I'm not sure if it's been reformulated yet. The South Coast MAC Pro store in Costa Mesa, California was all out when I asked last year and I had to get this one in the Vegas Pro Store. I use shade 200 but 300 would also work for someone with my skintone.

The foundation is very shimmery - it gives the effect you would get from mixing a medium coverage foundation with a shimmery highlighter lotion. It's not very good if you have a lot of acne or anything like that because it will highlight all the bumps and rough imperfections in your skin. It also doesn't have very heavy coverage so it's not that good if you need a lot of coverage. Generally, it's good if you already have pretty good skin and just want a foundation to even out your skintone and add a glow. I find it can be too shimmery sometimes so I always powder over it. It's wayyy more shimmery than the Revlon PR though, so if you think that's too shimmery, you don't even have to bother looking at this one. It doesn't last that long on oily skintones, but its lasting power is not bad. It's the 2nd to the left in the pic below:

The last product I have tried is the MAC full coverage foundation, which is the one in the middle in the pic below.
It has a hole in the bottom because the plastic insert on the cover fell out and got stuck in the product and I had to gouge it out with a pen. Pretty violent, huh? So the plastic insert is now scotch-taped to my case and, needless to say, my makeup case looks pretty homeless. However, the product itself is amazing. I use this product everyday as an undereye concealer since I think the pinkish shade (NW20) combats the blueness of the undereye circles and also because I personally am a big fan of using a lighter color underneath the eyes as a kind of highlight (Kim K style). I also use this as a foundation when I'm really pale and want SERIOUS coverage. It's great for photo shoots and a great way to apply it is to dab it on everywhere with the foundation brush, then use a stippling brush (like the MAC 187) to blend it into your skin. My friend used to work at MAC and told me this was one of the MA's secrets to a flawless complexion. If you want an enormous pot of concealer or a heavy duty foundation, this is a great place to look, and I would highly recommend this.

(first 3 photos are from MAC's website -

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm in Toronto freezing my buns off and meeting my bf's family. I hope everyone has a wonderful safe holiday season and fills up on lots of cookies and treats!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Inside YOUR bag?

I'M SNOWED IN!!!!! FML - I was supposed to fly out today but since the east coast is being bombarded with the worst snowstorm in a decade (or whatever it is), I'm STUCK. Guh.

So here's a post I've been wanting to do for a while: what's in my purse!

I always love these posts. I think women are just born snoops; I get such a thrill when I get to peek into other women's purses! It feels like I'm getting an insider's peek at their private lives.... so here's mine!

My everyday purse is a LV Damier Neverfull in Medium - I love it because it really lives up to its name - it NEVER gets full. I can throw everything in there and the kitchen sink and it still manages to carry everything around stylishly. The straps are thin but they are very sturdy.

The contents of my purse:

(That wonderbread case houses my craptastic digicam. I have a sucky one because I had 3 nice Nikon coolpixes.... but I broke them all! -_____-)

The little gold mesh case houses my rosebud salve (which I use on my cuticles and lips) and eye drops.

The red satin case carries the MAC travel brushes that I use for touch-ups:
It has a 129, 219, and a 239 brush.

The bigger red case holds the rest of my makeup:
I carry with me the following:
* NARS laguna/orgasm duo
* blotting sheets
* MAC Angel l/s (HG)
* MAC l/g in Flusterose and Prrr (Prrr is a total HG for me)
* Rimmel l/l in addiction, Maybelline l/l in toast (I don't like this one... I should throw it away!), and Ulta l/l in Flesh (great d/s dupe for MAC subculture)
* Etude powder compact
* UD e/s in Midnight Cowgirl and Oil Slick (one to darken, one to lighten)
* Japonesque travel lash curler (I'm obsessed with full fluffy lashes - this lash curler is petite and works amazingly well)

Etude is a Korean makeup brand that has very cute packaging that seems to be heavily inspired by Anna Sui. I got this pressed powder because it is adorable and the powder has little shimmers in it! Here are some close-ups of the powder:

As you can see, the mirror is small and not very useful, but thankfully my NARS compact has a nice large mirror for when I need one. Etude is a very cheap brand in Korea and seems to be mainly used by teenagers and young college students, but I just had to get this for the adorable packaging.

I should get a hand cream with SPF for my bag. Any recs?

Anyway, I hope more bloggers do this because I absolutely LOVE seeing what other girls carry around. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid Review

I got this face wash at the Sephora FF sale and have been using it for about 2 weeks now. Shiseido skincare does not always agree with me, which is weird because it works amazingly well for my mother. Their white lucent line doesn't work for me at all. This Pureness line, however, is targeted at younger, acne-prone skintypes. I figured I would give this face wash a try since most foaming face washes feel too drying and harsh on me.

I have to say that this face wash is really nice. I have oily, acne-prone skin that gets very dehydrated and flaky during the wintertime. This face wash is a pearly liquid that foams up quickly and rinses off easily. It's great for my skintype and I think it's gentle enough for normal skin as well since it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight - just soft and smooth. It is a little pricy at $21 but a little goes a long way (you only need one pump for your whole face) and it works so well that I would recommend this product.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

lash haul!

Final exams suck.

So to relieve my stress, I hauled some lashes from (my haul pic sucks). I've ordered from them numerous times and they've always been superfast. Their prices have slowly been rising on the Ardell lashes though. :(

I got the Ardell lashes in 103 because i'm obsessed with thick fluffy lashes and I can't find these in any stores. I also got some Elise lashes because they're made by the same people who make MAC and Shu lashes, and Elise lashes were on sale for only $2.50 each. The thing that sucks about Elise is that they don't put the # of the lashes on the box, and I threw away my receipt so I'm not sure which I got... but I'll try to look them up on website. One of the criss-cross ones has sparkles on the lash band... but you can't see it here. :( I'll try to post some FOTDs with these over winter break. :)

And here's a comparison pic of the Ardell 103s (top right) with the Ardell 101 (top left) and Andrea 33. It's a tiny bit longer and denser than the 101 and like a mini version of the Andrea 33.


Am I the only person who finds MAC's baroque boudoir collection ugly? I think the packaging is kind of nast. It looks like vines growing all over the lipgloss. No thank you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Face Shop

The Face Shop is another Korean boutique brand of skincare and makeup. A large percentage of their products are premised on using ingredients from flowers, so their products tend to be fairly heavily scented with flower scents.

This brand opened up a boutique in Koreatown (in Los Angeles) in the 6th Street Center Plaza (or whatever it's called... the newer one across the street from Bleu Cafe), which is why I started buying it, and I also purchased some more of its products in Korea. The consensus in Korea seems to be that this brand is not that popular, though, as most of the girls I talked to much preferred Skin Food over The Face Shop.

For what it's worth, though, here's my review on a few of their products.

This is the Flebeaute Collagenic rich Skin Toner and Emulsion:
I have a very sad story about this product. I started using samples of it and fell in love because they left my skin feeling very moist and soft, so of course I bought the full-size set for approximately $30 USD and I hate it! It feels sticky upon application and it's been breaking me out!! I have tiny pimples all over my face from this product. I don't know if it's because the product is too rich for me since it is marketed towards more mature skintypes, but I've never had such problems from using other lines targeted at more mature skintypes (like Shiseido's) so I think the product is just not compatible with me. So this line gets a thumbs-down.

The next product I got is "The Flower Loose Powder in NB23." Once again, I got suckered in because of the adorable packaging:
It looks like a giant peach and the puff is so cute! The powder itself is supposed to have flower-based ingredients, so it has a fairly strong floral scent, but it doesn't linger after application. It has a nice texture and is finely milled, and is a good match for my C3 skintone. It doesn't control oil as well as the Ben Nye powders I use but I really like this powder overall.

I also have their Recovery BB cream, which is the leftmost product here:

As most of you know, BB creams are all the rage in Korea because they're like skincare that also provides coverage and evens out your skintone. They were originally created for after-care for laser or burn patients, so they're meant to be very soothing. The variety of bb creams in Korea is mind-boggling but I got this one because it has SPF 25 and was attractively priced (about $15USD). I really like this product because it has a light gel-like texture. It looks whitish when it's first applied but kind of melds to my skintone, making it look really even while covering up most imperfections. I wear this on my "no-makeup" day when I still want to look presentable, and it always gets me compliments on my skin. This is a great bb cream for people who need a little more coverage.

The last product that I've tried from the line their Honey and Black Sugar scrub:

I really like this scrub. Like I mentioned in my post about Skin Food, I find this scrub preferable to Skin Food's scrub. It's very gentle and smells delicious - like brown sugar mixed with honey! I always get tempted to lick it off when I'm washing my face with it. The scrub particles are grainy and kind of "melt" as you scrub along - my only complaint is that sometimes I wish the scrubby particles would last longer because they melt kind of fast. Other than that, though, it's a great gentle scrub that gets the job done without being too abrasive.

Have any of you ladies tried/liked anything from The Face Shop? I'd love to hear!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

are you a Sephora VIB?

I got the $20 off $35 purchase coupon today for being a Sephora VIB and of course I *had* to give in. I got the Too Faced neutral eye palette that I've been lusting after for months and a Clinique pencil sharpener, and got to use my beauty insider points for a mini deluxe sample of dior miss cherie perfume, which I love. So excited to get this soon! I'm going to go broke from all the crazy Internet hauling I've done lately, but I'm soooo excited. :D

Link to swatches of the palette from the always helpful Karlasugar:

How pathetic... I don't even know how to link things on here. I'm SO bad at technology!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RAVE for Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy!

I don't have too much time these days so this post is very bare with no photos or anything, but I just *had* to post to share my latest find with you guys. If you like vibrant eyeshadow, you MUST get Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy. They are an Internet-based site that sells loose eyeshadows an they made Pixie Epoxy so that you could get the effect of "foiling" your e/s (applying it wet) without going through the hassle of it. I use this primarily with pressed shadows, and it majorly intensifies all the colors, AND the BEST PART OF ALL - it keeps the glitter from my UD e/s ON MY EYELIDS! If you like glittery e/s, you MUST get this base! This is definitely a new HG for me.

I'm not affiliated with the website in any way. I'm just a new fan!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Skin Food goodies!

The Skin Food is a hugely popular low-end skincare line in South Korea. I was just in Korea this a few months ago and all my cousins and friends who are in their early 20s swore by this line. The line is very cheap by American standards and has some really great products. It's also very easy to find in Korea because the boutiques are everywhere.

I have to admit that I'm a huge sucker for cute packaging which is part of the reason I LOVE Korean and Japanese beauty lines. They are just sooooo adorable to look at! Thankfully, with the Skin Food, their products are affordable and actually work well too! Another thing I love about this line is that they really take their name to heart. The products all smell DELICIOUS and live up to their names. I didn't get to try out too many products but just about all the ones I've tried have ended up being winners.

Below is a pic of the peach sake toner:
I got this because of the reviews that said it was good for oily, acne-prone skin, which pretty much sums mine up. I was worried it might smell alcoholic, but it just smells like tasty peaches. It has a pleasant toning effect that leaves my skin feeling tightened and toned but not uncomfortable at all. During the humid Korean summer, I would swipe this on my face to freshen up. It smells delicious and works great and costs only 9000won, which is around $8USD.

Next is The Skin Food's most popular product, their Black Sugar scrub:
They call it a mask, but everyone I know uses it primarily as a scrub. It's a knockoff of Fresh's brown sugar scrub but it's so wildly popular in Korea that a lot of Koreans think it's the original. I was personally kind of underwhelmed with this product (the only item that I don't love from this line, actually) because I felt that the scrubbing pieces were too sharp and that were scratching my skin. It smells delicious (like brown sugar) but I much prefer The Face Shop's black sugar scrub to this one (which I will be reviewing soon). This item is also very attractively priced, at only 7700won (approximately $7USD.) If you like a harsher scrub, you'd probably like this one.

Next is one of my favs - their Black Sesame Hot Mask:
This stuff is awesome! You apply it on your damp face and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes, then wash it off. It heats up and feels really nice on your skin, and leaves your skin feeling healthy and moist when you wash it off. This is another one of those masks I like to use when my skin is acting up or getting dry patches. It smells like toasted seeds (really warm and delicious). My only complaint is that it can get a bit drippy, which is really obnoxious, but I'm willing to put up with that for softer skin. This product is super cheap too, only 8600won, making it about $8USD.

The last product I got (which I use religiously) is their salmon brightening eye cream:
I got this cream because I need a nice basic eye cream that won't give me milia (heavier, richer eye creams all give me milia, which grosses me out). My friend raved about this one's ability to wipe out undereye circles, so I decided to give it a go. Honestly, I have not noticed that big of a difference in my undereye circles, but it is a nice, light eye cream that creates a good base for eye makeup and concealer. It's 17,000won (about $16 USD) and it's pretty big (30g), so it will last me a loooong time. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with it because it moisturizes my eye area without giving me milia (ew).

All in all, if you can get your hands on some of this stuff, definitely try it out. At these prices, you can't go wrong - the products smell delicious, look adorable on your dresser, and actually work! Of course, the only problem with this line is that it's so hard to find in the US. Have any of you ladies tried anything else from this line? I'm dying to get my hands on some more!

(all photos from

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fitness Shoes

Has anybody tried the new fitness shoes? Like the Fit Flop, Skecher Shape Ups, or Reebok Easytone? I know they look super dorky but I recently read an article in Elle about how they really work and now I want to get a pair! I don't know which would be best though.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving haul!

I didn't go out for Black Friday but I have been taking advantage of the Thanksgiving sales online all week. Here's what I'm waiting for in the mail:

Korres Sugar Crystal Cream

I remember using this a few years back and it was really nice. I got 30% off and free shipping using the code TEMPTALIA (I'm pretty sure it still works). I've been having some skin problems lately so I'm really excited to try this again.

From Forever 21:

These are called fairytale earrings. They remind me of Disney princess stuff (which I have a huge weakness for) so of course I had to get them!
I got this cardigan in black because it was only $7!

Isn't this tee the cutest?!! My bf is an enginerd so I love this shirt.

I also got a pair of black bootcut jeans for only $6 but they didn't have a pic of it anymore. It must have sold out.

My next purchase was at Guess, which was having 25% off their full priced merchandise:

I love the fit and cut of Guess clothes and I love clothes that have lots of accessories/detailing in the back, so I had to get this sweater.

squeee, I'm so excited to get my haul! Did you guys get anything?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fantasy Shoes

Occasionally, when I get down and am not feeling too good, I like to peruse Christian Louboutin's collection. These are my current obsessions that I drool over whenever I get bored:

Lolo Ballerinas:
I have an obsession with ballerina shoes but I personally hate flats. I don't like the way they look on me. I'm 5'8" but I love 4-5" heels, so I always end up looking like a giant. Thankfully, my boyfriend is 6'3" so it's not that big of a problem. These shoes are perfect for me since they combine the look of a ballet flat with Mr. Louboutin's gorgeously sexy heel. The only problem? It's $795! eep!

The next shoes, Christian Louboutin's glitter pumps, are marginally more affordable at $595:
I LOVE these!!! I gasped when I first saw them. I want to wear these for my wedding (whenever that may be). I love sparkly stuff, I love nude colored shoes, and I love high heels, so these were practically made for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my most recent obsessions. Do you have any fantasy shoes you like to stare at?

I'm off to study now so I can go make that money to buy all these gorgeous shoes in 5 years!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm thankful for...
1. my wonderful family, for always supporting me and being behind me no matter what.
2. my awesome bf, who's always so understanding.
3. the opportunity to be in school, furthering my education
4. my roommate, without whom school would be much more lonely and boring
6. makeup, for pulling me out of my funks and cheering me up
7. my friends, for being there for me when I need someone to talk to

I hope you guys all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of tasty treats!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

concealers and full coverage foundations

Having dabbled in freelance makeup artistry, I have an obsession with professional cream foundations, like the ones by Joe Blasco, RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Ben Nye, etc. All my friends who are working professionally as MAs swear by them for photo shoots so I'm always on the hunt to get them all. Like Pokemon!

For the most part, however, I've been disappointed since they tend to be oil-based and do not work on my oily skin. They look great when freshly applied but tend to slip and slide around as the day wears on (even with a good primer and powder). I mostly just save them for occasions when I will be photographed a lot since they do photograph really well.

The latest foundation that I tried is RCMA. I had read on MUA that it had coverage comparable to KA SSE but that was NOT the case on me. I wear a MAC C3 in their studio fix and got the RCMA foundation in KO-2 which was a great match. It has medium-full coverage in my opinion. One of the advantages of these cream foundations is that they can be layered for heavier coverage but I still didn't find that I could get the kind of coverage with RCMA that I could get with any of the 3 concealer/full coverage foundations listed below. Compared to Cinema Secrets, it transfers a lot less (which was my main complaint with CS) and doesn't oxidize as much as CS did. It also imparts a more natural finish than my Ben Nye matte cream foundation. It is also not as greasy feeling as Joe Blasco's Ultrabase, so of these theatrical brands, I have to say that RCMA is my favorite but it's definitely not something I reach for everyday.

I've had no problems with breakouts from it, though, which is nice. The coverage is not enough for my under-eye circles during my hellish weeks of reading and library-ing, though, so I would still recommend a stronger full-coverage concealer if you have things to cover up (like I do). Below is a pic of the RCMA:
As you can see, it is very simple, no bells or whistles, just nice and practical.

The next products I'll be reviewing are pictured below:
L-R: CoverFX foundation in M30, MAC concealer in NW20, and KA SSE in SX07. Why is my MAC soooooo light? I use that almost exclusively for my undereye circles and I like using a cooler-toned, lighter concealer there because it not only counteracts my dark undereye circles but the lighter color also helps brighten the face/bring out my undereye area, which in turn makes my face look more "sculpted," especially when combined with contouring.

I purchased the CoverFX foundation on the recommendation of a Canadian professional MA who swore by it for all her photoshoots. Sadly, however, it has not quite worked out for me for everyday use. The color is a good match for me and it looks great upon initial application, but it tends to settle into pores and wears off unevely as the day wears on, so that I end up looking rather speckled by the end of the day. NOT a good look! Since this one is close to my actual skincolor, I use this as a normal concealer if I get a blemish or if I have a bruise or something on my body (I'm clumsy and run into things a lot!)

I actually purchased the MAC full coverage foundation on the recommendation of my old roommate, who was a MAC MA, and she told me that this foundation is the secret to a lot of the MAC MA's FLAWLESS looking skin. I am actually contemplating getting this in a darker shade for days when I want FULL full coverage but I have not had occasion to need such heavy coverage yet. If you want a truly flawless look with maximum coverage, I'd say this foundation is the best of the bunch. This compact will last you FOREVER too, since a little goes a long way.

My last one, KA Sensual Skin Enhancer, is also great for that purpose but it's a lot pricier at around $45 for that tiny jar. For that reason, I only use it as a concealer. It is a LIFESAVER when I get a really nasty blemish or have insane undereye circles. It has the most coverage out of any face product I've ever seen. People complain that the texture is too stiff, and yes, it is stiff if you're planning on using this as a foundation. But for a concealer, the stiffer texture is great since it keeps the product from sliding around your face and ending up in places other than where you meant it to be. The color is actually a little bit light on me, as this line runs VERY light. I love that the yellow tones run really yellow (since I'm really yellow) but I think it may be too yellow for girls who wear a NC something in MAC.

Overall, I'd say you can skip the CoverFX, get the MAC Full coverage for a great, cost-effective concealer/full coverage foundation, and get the KA SSE for occasions when you might need hardcore FULL coverage.

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack

This is a review for the Laneige strawberry yogurt pack. I've had it for over a year now and use it when my skin is feeling dried and stressed out and needs a little pick me up.

The main thing I love about it is the SMELL. It smells JUST like strawberry yogurt - I seriously get tempted to eat it! The pack itself is a light cream texture with small red beads - you're supposed to apply a generous amount to your face and massage the cream into your skin until the little red beads disappear, then wash it off after 10-15 minutes.

When I wash it off, my skin looks and feels a lot dewier and just "healthier" overall. It's a good mask for all skin types in my opinion, because it doesn't aggravate my oily skin or break me out while imparting moisture. (A lot of products break me out so that's a big deal to me). It's moderately priced (about $20 for a jar) but it lasts you a long time. If you can get your hands on this, I'd definitely recommend it!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

some of my makeup favs!

so... the all day at the library thing is not nearly as exciting as I had hoped. Here are some makeup pictures. These are my current favs for face makeup. I'm going to wait for some sunlight before I post more. :)

This isn't my entire collection btw. This is only part of the small percentage that I brought with me to school. :)

This is a closeup of the NYX Lake Moss trio. I used it over the weekend and it was ok - not as smooth as the Runway palettes.

My face makeup brushes:
L-R: Sephora angled blush brush, MAC 129, MAC 109, MAC 190, Sephora small blush brush (I think it's d/c now), EOB concealer and foundation brushes

Eye makeup brushes:
L-R: NARS #16 (HG, use this everyday), cheapo round brush, Scott Barnes crease brush (similar to MAC 224 but smaller), Sonia Kashuk small e/s brush, Sephora large e/s brush, MAC SE #266, fine e/l brush from the art store, Sephora round crease brush, MAC 217, MAC 219
My HG blushes!
clockwise from top left: (OMG this pic is so orange - I'll try to take a better pic soon) - NARS Torrid, MAC Fleur Power, Taupe (great for contour), Trace Gold, Dame; NARS Orgasm, Angelika, Madly, Outlaw, Sin, and Deep Throat
HG highlighters:
Shu P Gold 93D blusher (it just looks like glowy skin - Shu F&F is supposed to start next week!), WnW All over shimmer (I think it's d/c/), MAC Perfect Topping MSF

My Rock and Republic blush in Kinky!
LOVE the hot pink shade and the luxurious packaging. I keep the box because it's so cute!

Concealer/full coverage foundations:
CoverFX cream foundation in M30, MAC full coverage foundation in NW20 (only use this under eyes), Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX07 - amazing pigmentation

everyday face makeup (L-R):
The Face Shop BB cream (good for everyday)
MAC hyper real foundation in NC200 (imparts a really lovely finish but has only sheer coverage so I can only wear this on good skin days)
DHC Q10 cream foundation in yellow ocher (comparable to Revlon colorstay but better IMO)
EL Doublewear foundation in Sand (my workhorse foundation - lasts all day on my oily skin.)

Chanel glossimers! I ended up giving a lot of these away because I'm not in love with glossimers anymore (too thick) but I just love this pic because they are so pretty! You can click to enlarge to see the names of the colors.

an old pic of my UD e/s collection: I have a few more now, but this is still the bulk of it. My favs are blunt, midnight cowboy, and midnight cowgirl:

a better pic of some of my NARS. I got rid of that NARS e/s duo because it was really chalky but I still use everything else. My favs from here are the blushes, Night Clubbing e/s, and Thunderball e/s.

Hard Candy eyeshadow quads! (before they went to Wal Mart). These were really underrated and great quality for the price. My favs are the bottom 3. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've decided to start posting again. Hopefully with pictures. I think it will be a good source of stress relief from law school.

I tried to tone down the makeup for school, but it's not working. I get depressed when I am not groomed! I do have to admit that I don't bother during the week, though - my only outing is either gym or class so I feel like it's a waste of makeup to do my hair and makeup everyday. I just spent a weekend in LA, though, and had an awesome time getting all dolled up. I need to do it more! The main thing holding me back right now is that my eyes can't really handle wearing contacts anymore and get all dry when I wear them and I hate doing my makeup when I'm in my glasses. :(

I really want a pair of black round-toe ankle boots that are about 4" high. Any recs?

bleh, I need to start my diet tomorrow, but it's thanksgiving week! hrmph.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my baby has arrived!!!! So excited. Here are some pics of my computer and its adorable packaging! YAY!