Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've decided to start posting again. Hopefully with pictures. I think it will be a good source of stress relief from law school.

I tried to tone down the makeup for school, but it's not working. I get depressed when I am not groomed! I do have to admit that I don't bother during the week, though - my only outing is either gym or class so I feel like it's a waste of makeup to do my hair and makeup everyday. I just spent a weekend in LA, though, and had an awesome time getting all dolled up. I need to do it more! The main thing holding me back right now is that my eyes can't really handle wearing contacts anymore and get all dry when I wear them and I hate doing my makeup when I'm in my glasses. :(

I really want a pair of black round-toe ankle boots that are about 4" high. Any recs?

bleh, I need to start my diet tomorrow, but it's thanksgiving week! hrmph.

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