Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's Inside YOUR bag?

I'M SNOWED IN!!!!! FML - I was supposed to fly out today but since the east coast is being bombarded with the worst snowstorm in a decade (or whatever it is), I'm STUCK. Guh.

So here's a post I've been wanting to do for a while: what's in my purse!

I always love these posts. I think women are just born snoops; I get such a thrill when I get to peek into other women's purses! It feels like I'm getting an insider's peek at their private lives.... so here's mine!

My everyday purse is a LV Damier Neverfull in Medium - I love it because it really lives up to its name - it NEVER gets full. I can throw everything in there and the kitchen sink and it still manages to carry everything around stylishly. The straps are thin but they are very sturdy.

The contents of my purse:

(That wonderbread case houses my craptastic digicam. I have a sucky one because I had 3 nice Nikon coolpixes.... but I broke them all! -_____-)

The little gold mesh case houses my rosebud salve (which I use on my cuticles and lips) and eye drops.

The red satin case carries the MAC travel brushes that I use for touch-ups:
It has a 129, 219, and a 239 brush.

The bigger red case holds the rest of my makeup:
I carry with me the following:
* NARS laguna/orgasm duo
* blotting sheets
* MAC Angel l/s (HG)
* MAC l/g in Flusterose and Prrr (Prrr is a total HG for me)
* Rimmel l/l in addiction, Maybelline l/l in toast (I don't like this one... I should throw it away!), and Ulta l/l in Flesh (great d/s dupe for MAC subculture)
* Etude powder compact
* UD e/s in Midnight Cowgirl and Oil Slick (one to darken, one to lighten)
* Japonesque travel lash curler (I'm obsessed with full fluffy lashes - this lash curler is petite and works amazingly well)

Etude is a Korean makeup brand that has very cute packaging that seems to be heavily inspired by Anna Sui. I got this pressed powder because it is adorable and the powder has little shimmers in it! Here are some close-ups of the powder:

As you can see, the mirror is small and not very useful, but thankfully my NARS compact has a nice large mirror for when I need one. Etude is a very cheap brand in Korea and seems to be mainly used by teenagers and young college students, but I just had to get this for the adorable packaging.

I should get a hand cream with SPF for my bag. Any recs?

Anyway, I hope more bloggers do this because I absolutely LOVE seeing what other girls carry around. :)


Huda said...

I love Etude House too! Their packaging are just too cute for words. And I think I have the same pressed powder as you, but I don't think mine has shimmer in it? Is that the BB Magic Pact or something else entirely? ^^;

Thanks in advance :D

Sooshi said...

no that one is different actually. I think it's supposed to have more beneficial properties and slightly heavier coverage since it's supposed to act like a BB cream but in compact form.

Shao said...

Oh, I totally agree with you on the whole peeking in others' lives thing XD In fact, I just did a "what's in my bag" post in my blog.

You're so organized! XD And you have a lot of nice bags. I feel like a minimalist compared to you, I usually just toss in whatever lip product I'm using that day in my makeup pouch on top of some other stuff and I'm good to go LOL.

Citrine said...

The wonderbread pouch is so cute...I had 2 camera both of them got drowned...The first one from hails, the second one from Gatorade (leaking inside my bag)...

seton said...

I love What's In Bag posts. I gotta do an updated one on my blog one day. The last time I did one was 2 yrs ago. here is a pic I found on my puter:

NottyEvil said...

i am using the NARS laguna/orgasm duo every day too! never tried etude house, the brand is not available in hong kong.

love how organized you are, i have like five little pouches in mine purse too lol

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your beautiful bag, Sooshi!! Hee hee..the Wonderbread case is too cute. *^_^*

The Etude compact is soo pretty! I'm a sucker for nice packaging hahaha. ;)

I haven't tried any hand creams with SPF but I think Neutrogena has one?