Sunday, December 5, 2010

Currently Obsessed With...

The Tracy Anderson Method

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer who trained Madonna for a long time, and is responsible for the sleek, tiny physiques of Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, and a slew of other celebrities. I became interested in her method when she covered Fitness Rx for Women a while back and read about how she believed that any woman could change her body structure into the "teeny tiny" figure that Hollywood loves.

She's all about doing dance-inspired moves and lots of repetitions with low weights so as to exhaust the main muscles and engage the accessory muscles to create tone without bulking up. I've begun doing some of her exercises I found in various magazines and on youtube, and they've been so effective that I ordered her mat workout dvd on amazon and can't wait to get it. I'll post an update once it arrives and I have a chance to try it out.

You can learn more about her at her website.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Scrub

I've been using this scrub that I got on my birthday a while back, and I love it! It's really hard to resist most of Philosophy's bath and body products because they all smell so divine, and this scrub is no exception.

It doesn't really have a baked good, cookie-type scent, but more of a fresh gingery scent that's amazing to wake you up and put you in a positive mood. The scrub is a bit stiff and not very oily or watery (which I adore, because I prefer a more abrasive scrub... I think it just gets the job done better!) This makes the scrub work great on either dry or wet skin - other scrubs that are more slippery tend to slide off wet skin and get wasted down the drain, but not so with The Gingerbread Man! Also, I love that it's not oily so it doesn't leave my tub a slippery mess.

And of course, what's not to like about the adorable, packaging and name? This is definitely one of the seasonal holiday treats that I look forward to every year, and would make a great gift for any girl in your life that enjoys a bit of pampering. It retails for $25 at sephora.