Friday, April 8, 2011


The other night, I couldn't sleep and ended up doing a midnight haul on F21's website. Of course I had to get the free shipping so I got a plain white v-neck (which I shockingly don't own yet, and the following items:

I think I'll wear the dress for casual weekend brunches and shopping, and I'm hoping to wear the necklaces dressed down with some tee shirts and shorts for my summer back in LA!

Also, MAC's latest collection, Quite Cute, just launched, and I'm such a sucker for marketing that I *had* to get something from it. Honestly, I don't need ANY more nude lip products but I just ordered Playing Koi lipstick (which is a satin finish described as "creamy white peach pink") and Bubble Tea plushglass (described as a creamy pale nude). I just couldn't say no since my parents own a koi pond and I used to drink bubble tea all the time when I was in high school and college! I think it's so fun that MAC is releasing this adorable Asian-inspired collection. I would have totally bought the eyeshadows in Moshi Moshi! and Azuki Bean if they were sold as separates, but I just can't justify another e/s quad that I'll never use. I obviously don't need them but once again, I would have bought it for the names. hehhehe *shrug*

Here are some pics of the collection:

To be honest, I was also really tempted to get the pink Mineralized blush but I KNOW I don't need another blush, so I resisted (plus the fact that none of the names struck me as adorable enough hehe >_<). I am also interested in the green and lavender nail polishes, but I have not had very good luck with MAC nail polishes so I'm now on the hunt for cheaper dupes. Any recs?

Are you getting anything from the collection? MAC is currently offering a free ship code! Use socute at checkout to get free shipping!


Shop N' Chomp said...

I am sooo tempted to get "Giggly" but I am going to be good and resist! Hehe. ;) I feel the same way. I KNOW I shouldn't be getting another blush! (Let's see how long that lasts though XP)

Ooh, midnight hauls can be dangerous sometimes but I like what you've bought. =D That cute dress *is* perfect for brunches and shopping.

Summer said...

I love your Forever 21 picks <3 And I'm soo excited for this MAC collection, hopefully they'll still have it at the end of the month when I can get my hands on it :)