Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Time!

Congratulations Will and Kate! It was such a beautiful ceremony and Kate's Alexander McQueen dress was stunning! I can see why she has been dieting for the big day - the dress nipped in at the waist and accentuated her figure in such a beautifully feminine way - you know women will be copying this dress forever! I do agree that it is remniscient of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

Kate's dress:

Grace Kelly:
I thought it was a beautiful classic dress that was very fitting for the occasion. Also, it seems that she really did end up doing her makeup herself. She was apparently so unhappy with her engagement photo makeup that she has been taking lessons from makeup artist Arabella Preston so that she may do her makeup herself for the big day. Those lessons really paid off, because her makeup looked flawless. I want my makeup to look like that for my big day! I loved that it was a little smoky around the eyes - it really brought out her green eyes.

Also, how amazing did the Beckhams look? I love how amazing and appropriate they always look - Victoria is 5 months pregnant but manages to look simply stunning.

Can we bring hats to the states please? I loved watching all the crazy headwear at the ceremony.

I love weddings in general because I think it's simply beautiful to watch a ceremony that demonstrates love and a lifetime commitment to one's soul mate, and this one really lived up to the hype. Also, it's every little girl's dream to become a princess, and it was fascinating to watch Kate really become one!

So once again, congratulations Will and Kate!

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Pop Champagne said...

congrats to will and kate! they've been dating for so long that it's great to see them tieing the knot

the bag I got for my lookbook is the Marc by Marc Jacobs flap bag, it's decent size for the price!

you have a great blog, I'm now a few follower :D