Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sunday Six Vol. 2

I've been totally MIA lately - I placed TSS on hiatus while I was in Europe, and my life has been a zoo for the last two weeks while I've been trying to get all the pieces in place for my move and my new job.  

The six things that have me loving life this week:

1.  My amazing family and friends helping me with my move.  
2.  The wonderful memories that I made in Europe.  
3.  The fact that aforementioned family and friends have been helping me deal with the boy from hell that seemed so nice in the beginning (but don't they all?)  Seriously, people - be happy with your OWN life before you throw yourself out into the dating world!  
4.  IKEA furniture!!  Cute and cheap (but the putting together part... not so much!)
5.  The weather in LA finally cooling down enough so that I don't feel completely out of place or foolish rocking some darker nail polishes.  
6.  The beginning of a new season!  I love fall - with its gorgeous foliage, crisp weather, the suggestion of winter, the piling on of scarves... pumpkin scented everything.  It's going to be a gorgeous season - can you feel it?

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