Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eight Most Worn

I saw this on my friend MuyBella's blog, and I thought it would be fun.

1. Hair Product
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum - it smells like green apples and makes my hair silkier while cutting down on frizz. I tried the generic version from Sallys and the original is so much better.

2. Lip Product
Lipbalm! It's been really cold lately here on the east coast, so my lips and hands have been getting really chapped. Nivea's dark blue one is one of my favs because it's so moisturizing. I also love Softlips vanilla and Burt's Bees.

3. Earrings
Pearl studs. They're a little big, so they're fun for everyday while being conservative enough for the legal field.

4. Shirt
I'm obsessed with plaid button-downs lately. I love the ones from Abercrombie because they're so soft but I also got a great deal on an adorable pink one at Old Navy for only $12!

5. Nail Polish
I'm currently loving mannequin hand nail polish! My fav for this look is 3-4 coats of OPI Samoan Sand. On the toes, I'm planning on doing Lincoln Park After Dark this weekend. :)

6. Shoes
The Frye boots I posted about previously. :) They're so sturdily constructed and comfy.

7. Perfume
Creed Spring Flower - it smells so gorgeous and feminine and it's unique enough so that not everybody wears it. I used to wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle all the time but now I find it too heavy and too ubiquitous!

8. Bag
Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It really never gets full no matter how much stuff I pack into it.

I'd love to hear about your 8 favs!

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