Friday, January 21, 2011

Mornings and Life update

My favorite part of day is the morning, when I get to just chill out in my room with no disturbances whatsoever, relaxing with my coffee. I get up extra early just to make sure that I'll have my coffee time of at least an hour! During that time, I like to catch up on emails, blogs, and youtube vids.... the rest of the day is always hectic and filled with other people, but the few hours in the morning are all mine. :)

I know I'm terrible with updating this thing, but the holidays have been absolutely amazing! I got to enjoy some time with my family (including my cousins and grandma), and visited Canada and Vegas. I got to check out the new City Center at Vegas and it's gorgeous! Granted, I can't afford too much of the stuff in that mall yet, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the Cosmopolitan's gorgeous new bars - The Chandelier and Bond.

Makeup-wise, I picked up MAC's new Special Reserve Highlight Powder from its Champale collection in "Chez Chez Lame" (the gold shade). It's SO gorgeous - it gives this beautiful candle-lit glow that just makes your skin look amazing without making it look like you're wearing makeup. I highly recommend it although I know it sold out in many locations.

I'm so excited about the new year! I'm taking some really challenging classes this semester, so I'm excited to see how they turn out. I'm not one for new year's resolutions, because I believe in trying to improve myself and my life as it unfolds, but in the spirit of the new year, here are the things I'm currently working on:

1) be nicer! (you know how Sandra Oh's character Christina on Grey's Anatomy is blunt almost to the point of being rude? That's me. -_- I really want to become nicer and more considerate)
2) work out more regularly; eat better - ALWAYS a challenge for me.
3) get out and explore the city more! (this one is HUGE)

My weekends start on Friday so I suppose I should start being productive now... I've just been sitting here enjoying my lazy morning with my cup of coffee so far, but off I go!



Shop N' Chomp said...

You're like Sandra Oh's character? No way! I certainly can't tell. :) I know what you mean about having that small period of time just to yourself. Makes all the difference! Which part of Canada were you in? Would you believe that I still haven't been? Btw, I literally LOL'ed when I read you took a pic with that shoe...HAHA! Must be an Asian thing. XP

Shop N' Chomp said...

HAHA! Ok, I am SO glad I wasn't drinking b/c I am sure it would've gone all over my computer. XD

I hear the food is really good and cheap there. I bet I would be doing the same too...hee hee.

What?! Uh oh. Girl, I don't usually hit the buffet but now you've got me curious. *drools*

VIVIENNE said...

love that coffee pic! x

Haute and Fierce